zColo Develops Trace in Five Tactical Markets

Zayo Colocation also called zColo, is a firm of Zayo Group, that are the most efficient interconnection and carrier-neutral colocation service providers. The company has announced its decision to branch out into five strategic markets. The colocation and interconnection services provider plan to bring out 10 more operations through this strategic expansion. By implementing on this decision, the company strengthens its carrier services and aims to bring firms and organizations to form a reliable network of data services. Because Zayo’s business provides fiber services and colocation to industries through a high quality network of regional, metro and fiber to the tower structures, many firms and companies are awaiting Zayo’s services in their areas.

The company is already having a data center of 116,465 sq feet of colocation space in New York, Newark, Nashville and Los Angeles, thus securing itself huge markets. Now on this further expansion, it is having another 46, 404 square feet of data center colocation in various cities of the US. These include Memphis, Tenn, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio, Plymouth and Minn.

The companies in these various cities are already in full swing and are extending zColo’s services that include:

  • Connection with more than 4,000 locations through world quality Zayo fiber networks. The locations are mainly focused around central buildings such as airports, hotels and other main communication portals.
  • Providing international and local carriers to New York and New Jersey.
  • The main components used for interconnection are the DS1, the DS3, Ethernet and Fiber/OCN connectivity.

As per stated by Christopher Morley, president of zColo, on promotion of the services, “zColo provides customers with seamless connectivity to an ecosystem of solutions including content providers, global telecommunications providers, wireless applications, and suppliers of cloud services.” The company is in full swing to stretch their services across all 52 states of the US thus providing local as well as international services in terms of connectivity and colocation environment.

The president also highly emphasized on the quality of the company’s services, by stating, “Whether it’s local, national or global connectivity our customers need, we ensure high quality, cost effective solutions. We are very much looking forward to offering customers in these new markets access to zColo’s secure and scalable collocation environment.”

There is a famous connectivity infrastructure in New York, known as the “Meet-Me-Room” of which zColo is the owner. Now they plan to bring this infrastructure out for the benefit of communication for all other cities. The company will use a cross connect room that will provide interconnection to customers in buildings, alongwith interconnection services that will connect colocation and carrier customers together.

For this purpose too, Morley made the following statement, “Our operations and Network Control Center (CNC) teams have extensive experience in designing, building and ensuring mission critical connectivity in Meet-Me-Room environments.” He also talked about the Network Control Center NCC describing it as, “teams that have extensive experience in designing, building and ensuring mission critical connectivity in Meet-Me-Room environments. We also want to invest in building out similar infrastructure in our other facilities to give our customers the ultimate flexibility, carrier choice and customs solutions they require.”

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