Wonderful Online PHP Learning Resources

If you wish to embrace PHP skills you need to follow a definite learning path. There are simply no shortcuts or weekly fast track lessons. PHP stands for personal home Page, but currently is popularly called Hypertext Preprocessor and is in many ways the most used web language worldwide.

PHP is a language interpretation and can be used to create dynamic and interactive WebPages. PHP workings show in website registrations systems forums (PHP Bulletin Board is pretty well-known), web stores and many other things. If you want to start out on your PHP lessons then take a look at the following great online resources. The list discusses 2 main heads (there are many others too).

PHP Programming forums

  • PHP.net

This is the official website and hence most helpful. You will be able to find different PHO versions, code repository, and a good resource of online tutorials. You will be able to write your very first PHP page with the starter guides. You can also go to FAQ section to speed up your learning process and avoiding unnecessary errors.

  • PHP DN Forums

Amateurs pay visit to this forum all the time while PHP programmers also set foot here. A repository of common errors is quickly gathered by such forums. PHP Developer Network (DN) forum lets you utilize it as a shop for PHP guides, design issues, reporting faults and solution, and get work offers from other people.

  • Delphi PHP

This forum also allows you to interact with other PHP programmers and get needed advice while throwing in your own advice. New PHP programmers need to register and become a member to take part in active discussion.

  • Stack Overflow

This is an awesome programming forum. Although, it does not dedicate itself to one programming language, but still its quality, speedy replies and other facilities let you get moving faster on your learning curve. You should add tags to your questions here to direct experts to your queries.

PHP IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)

An Integrated Development environments is used to make you progress. It is generally composed of debugger, compiler, documentation generator, code snippets, and a web browser that is incorporated.

  • Eclipse

Eclipse uses 2 essential plug-ins for PHP development. The first one is a project founded by Eclipse and is the official PHP IDE Project. It can be downloaded from Eclipse straight away and can be tried out for the coding examples it makes available for PHP. The other plug in is PHPEclipse created by a 3rd party. Amateurs will take instant liking to Eclipse.

  • PHP Designer

This one has a default HTML, CSS and JS editor besides the PHP editor. Standard features are available on the free version so you can give it a trial run.

  • Zend Studio

This is the eliding PHP IDE. It suits not only to individual developers, but also to full-fledged teams handling big PHP projects. SEND is popular because of its weekly webinars on PHP programming. It provides training and issues certificates to individuals and companies.

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