Web Hosting Video Blogs – Things You Must Know

When considering about hosting video blogs the most important thing which needs to be understood is the kind of webhosting to choose from. The choice can be quite tricky since choosing the right kind can save money plus be more efficient as well. Discussed below are some of the questions you need to be aware of while selecting web hosting.

To begin with, the most important question which needs to be answered is the kind of video blog (vlog) you wish to create. If just a video is being used, you are advised to opt for a dedicated video sharing website. A number of dedicated video sharing websites are available such as YouTube, HowCast, dailyMotion etc. If you choose one of these websites, you are bound to get numerous advantages. Uploading and hosting videos is exceptionally easy and there is no cost of uploading videos. Also, these websites already generate a steady flow of traffic which means that innumerable people visit these websites every day to check out new videos. If however you create your own website, it would take a great deal of time for the video to receive a good fan following.

While the fact that dedicated video sharing is the website to choose has been established, the question as to which website to choose from the available options still remains unanswered. Things like the file storage limit and the kind of video format supported should be known beforehand. Also, the quality of compression plus the type of audience they attract all are valid questions which need to be answered before finalizing a choice for a site that can host the video blog.

However, if along with the videos you plan to use text, photos or other media, a self-hosting WordPress blog should be opted for instead. With the help of its plugins, WordPress offers a lot of flexibility when using with textual content and videos. A self-hosting WordPress is more suitable than a web owned site such as blogger.com because you will have all the control over the content which you wish to share with your audience. With web owned sites, there is always a chance of being shut down if your content does not please the owners in one way or another.

The great thing about WordPress is that all videos can easily be embedded and the usage is similar to what you would experience on any video sharing site. All of the major web hosted sites provide an option of WordPress for blogging. As a user, make sure the blog is current and updated. And since this site is self-hosted a control over the type of comments received is a must. Sometimes people leave unsuitable comments which can prove to be a bad influence on your business, therefore, a strict check in essential.

Video blogs supported by web hosts is the perfect way to enhance you blog’s popularity and generate more attention towards your blog. It is simple and effective and can be used by anyone.


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