Web Hosting Support Firm InstaCarma Releases Client Portal

instacarma new application screenshot

InstaCarma, a web hosting technical support provider recently made a statement announcing the release of a client portal application for its hosting support clients. As stated in the press release, this new application will allow users to control and survey technical support with just a single solution. The application has been incorporated into InstaCarma’s tracking system, VisionCarma.

According to InstaCarma, with this application, hosts will now be able to have statistics to survey their support activities

The CEO of InstaCarma Aromal Rajagopal claims that this application makes the support system more flexible, with the help of live support information and stats such as the name of tech which is working, the duration of the work, the amount of tickets managed and average response time.

With this application, users also catch a glimpse of the bigger view like monthly ticket trends and response time trends.

Customers can also quickly gain access to their complete billing history with all the invoices, pending invoices and payment status. InstaCarma thinks this application will allow users to have a much enhanced linkage with their techs working remotely.

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