Web Host Verio Releases Windows VPS Reseller Solution for Partners

Verio, a managed hosting company on Wednesday, made a statement announcing the release of a new Windows VPS reseller solution designed mainly to cater to the requirements of hosted IT solution providers such as MSPs and VARs. The statement was made by the company at viaVerio Partner Summit, earlier this week.

Earlier this year the company also released the vieVerio Partner Advisory Council for 2011 and launched a new independent facilitator. Enhancing the list of the company’s other advanced VPS/MPS products, the Windows VPS solutions will “meet the growing demand of Windows-based hosting products which are critical to addressing the needs of small business customers,” said the company.

Based on the model of Windows, Verio’s Windows VPS will allow clients to make use of a wide variety of Windows solutions on a platform with the likes of innovative hardware and technology designed for hosted IT solutions.

Clients now have the advantage of configuring Windows without heeding the fact if it is fuelling larger heavier websites, providing a wide variety of applications, or allowing a dedicated file server.

The complete Verio’s Windows VPS solution package is providing a wide variety of features and services like high reliability fast load times, high performance, the flexibility to install, manage and serve applications in a Windows environment that is also ideal for general IT computing, bandwidth, and PCI compliance.

“Our VPS solutions continue to be an integral part of our partners’ product portfolio and the introduction of Windows VPS provides them with a flexible IT architecture in a Windows-based environment,” said Steve Renda, senior vice president of global sales and marketing for Verio. “This flexibility is ideal for helping partners manage multiple IT computing requirements while at the same time, expanding new business opportunities.”

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