Web Host SoftCom Attains PCI Compliance Certification for Hosting Brands

It was recently declared, on Wednesday, by the web hosting supplier, SoftCom, that it has attained the PCI Compliance Certification, for its principal hosting brands, including myhosting.com and mail2web.com.

With the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard documentation, the company assures that the client’s details and payment information are permanently and completely safe.

With the latest violation of top-level information of several organizations, securing client’s private data and vulnerable payment information have become far more crucial than ever before.

“Our PCI DSS v2.0 certification allows us to effectively demonstrate the steps we have taken to protect sensitive billing information, while further building credibility with our customer base,” stated Stephen Nichols, vice president of online sales at SoftCom.

The documentation deals with imbursement details, client database, online store procedures, payment processes and information gathered on back-end networks.

The guiding principles, for PCI DSS documentation, was generated according to the Council, for PCI Security Standards- parallel to those of cardholder safety procedures, developed by MasterCard, Visa and several other payment processing services.

Far removed from certifications, lasting just for once, the PCI DSS documentation necessitates constant observation, analysis and third party assessment, to eradicate susceptibility and provide 100 percent security of information.

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