Web Host, ServerBeach Provides Virtual Servers

A diagram on ServerBeach's website shows the benefits of its virtual server

ServerBeach, a dedicated web hosting supplier, declared on Tuesday that it has released its latest virtual servers.

According to the web hosting company, this expansion will provide its business with the ability to generate resources, which will be flexible, based on their requirement; along with, being highly inexpensive and time-saving in relation to server management, by combining multiple servers into one unitary device.

“With everything we do at ServerBeach, we’re committed to delivering what our customers need. With ServerBeach virtual servers, we’re appealing to our hands-on customers and offering them choice,” Dax Moreno, general manager, ServerBeach commented in a statement. “Our virtual servers can run off of Citrix and Microsoft, and will soon include Red Hat and KVM. We’re able to offer all of this along with round-the-clock, live customer care.”

Based on a recent publicized report, by the company, ServerBeach servers are ideal for those clients running small or medium scale businesses and wishing to administer virtual situations on their own, through a central management control center.

Every single virtual server, provided to the clients, can be provisioned within minutes, stated ServerBeach-each equipped with its own infrastructure, authorization settings, application stack and operating system.

ServerBeach virtual servers are accessible to clients on exclusive 32-bit and 64-bit dedicated servers as well as at the ServerBeach data centers located, in Canada, Europe and the United States. These virtual dedicated servers also provide for Windows and Linux server guest OS from Debian, Ubuntu, Microsoft, RedHat and CentOS.

ServerBeach states that its clients are offered with the option of making a selection between Microsoft Server 2008 R2, or Citrix XenServer. Citrix XenServer facilitates customers with XenServer HyperVisor, offering centralized administration and live migration with XenMotion; so that, its clients have the ability to shift around a virtual instance without experiencing any disturbance.

According to the company, its virtualized dedicated servers are well-matched with web servers, database and modern scripting languages.

ServerBeach offers its users with a hardware substitute SLA, along with a 100 percent guaranteed network uptime SLA.

ServerBeach, a section of PEER 1 Hosting, is highly focused in providing customers with self-managed dedicated servers on Windows and Linux platforms.

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