Web Host Go Daddy Claims Outage Due to Software Upgrade

Go Daddy (www.godaddy.com) a well known webhosting provider and domain name registrar witnessed an outage on its website on Monday when a software update malfunctioned, a statement released by the Data Center Knowledge claimed on Tuesday.

The outages were experienced nearly a week after the web hosting provider stated that more than 500,000 websites were now under its protection because of its SSL certificates. For a total of three hours on Monday the homepage of the site was offline while work to restore was underway. The visitors were transferred to the mobile version of the website instead.

“We made some changes to our website, and those updates failed,” Neil Warner, chief information officer for Go Daddy said in a statement. “As a result, www.GoDaddy.com went down. No customer account information was compromised. This was not an attack on Go Daddy servers. We caused the issue, not someone else.”

The released statement also said that by directing users to the mobile version allowed them to make the transactions and control domain names as usual. Go Daddy did apologize for the inconvenience caused by the total time it took for the outage to be fixed, stating that it was longer than usual.

“My team is investigating what went wrong with our site update process so we can avoid an issue like this in the future,” Warner stated.

Another announcement made by Go Daddy on Monday claimed that it is now increasing its staff members at the Iowa customer service center to nearly 300 employees.

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