Web Host AISO Introduces Solar Powered VPS Hosting Services

An environment friendly web hosting organization, AISO released a statement on Wednesday saying that it has released its latest cloud based servers, known as SolarCloud VPS Hosting, fueled by solar energy generated on site. Most of the hosting providers that offer environmental friendly hosting, buy carbon credits from elsewhere to lower pollution. However, AISO has its own solar panels which fuel its data center and network.

The SolarCloud VPS servers enable users to advance their RAM, CPU, disk space and bandwidth of servers. Every one of the SolarCloud server is extracted from the hardware, making it a virtual mechanism. With its hourly or plan based billing, customers only have to pay for the services that they utilize. Scored of free 64-bit and 32-bit Linux templates for users can be accessed including pre-configured OS/application templates.

More important services by the company consist of personalized abilities with root console access, Quad core 2.8GHz-plus servers which run Xen virtualization instances, AISO management portal for reboots, software installs and server management, and persistent storage.

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