US Joomla Pros Declares Integration

It was declared recently, by US Joomla Pros, the winning merger of Confluence, Marketo, Salesforce, OSQA and Joomla into one singular efficient website allows users to log-in to the system just once. This blend will permit a solitary client profile system, built in Joomla, to maintain user’s entry in to numerous other third party applications.

“This was a very difficult project,” stated Scott Prendergast, US Joomla Pros project manager. “We have done many third party integrations for Joomla sites, but this is the first time we were asked to integrate 5 different single-sign-on interfaces for the same site. It was very satisfying to see it all come together. Shawn (Prendergast) and his team did an amazing job.”

By developing the single sign-in system, users of MapR will no longer need to depart the central domain, when they wish to gain entry into Salesforce data, and to present and evaluate requests made, via the Salesforce system.

The head of the US Joomla Pros development team, Shawn Prendergast, restated that “We have done hundreds of Joomla based sites and we could not be more proud of our team in completing the client’s highly technical requirements and meeting their very strict deadline.”

Lisa Swenson, Director of Marketing for MapR Technologies stated, “Initially, we hired Scott and his team of Joomla developers at US Joomla Pros to assist with our sites integration with Zendesk. They did such a great job that we decided to turn the entire Joomla development project over to them. Since that time they have been an integral part in the development of our website development and are a big part of our success.”

About US Joomla Pros

US Joomla Pros, an auxiliary organization, is a part of The Website Design Exchange, situated near Dallas, TX and controlled by Scott Prendergast, his brother Shawn Prendergast and his wife Nicole Levin. US Joomla Pros is well established web development organization that flaunts its expertise in Joomla CMS, and creates customized Joomla development, Joomla plug-ins, Joomla mechanisms and Joomla modules.

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