ur Mobile Introduces New Price Structure on Mobile Web Designer

Reportedly, ur mobile, a ground-breaking software company based on mobile web solution introduced latest prices for MobBuilder. According to reports, MobBuilder is going to offer its beginner plan for merely $19/monthly. Moreover, the free trial period has also been increased and is now 30 days instead of the initial 15-day plan.

According to Melissa Vincent, Vice President of Business Development for ur mobile; “With this aggressive new pricing structure, businesses and agencies have an easy and risk-free way to try MobBuilder”. Moreover Vincent added, “Optimizing their websites for mobile devices can be the single most important accomplishment of the year, and we’ve made it more affordable than ever.”

MobBuilder has made things a lot easier for those who want to design mobile-optimized website since it provides rather easy editing options and has made content management pretty effortless.

  1. The simple editing resources let you add text, buttons, links or making amendments in the design of the page spontaneously.
  2. Effortless content management assists the users in updating text, altering pictures, or adding buttons and links.
  3. You absolutely do not need to download or install an application with it and hence can enjoy a rather superior mobile experience.

Keeping in mind the hit smartphone which lets the users connect to the internet via mobile, MobBuilder was designed to help the users to design and publish a mobile site effortlessly with the help of rather simple and interactive interface. Since it does not require you to download or install any sort of application, it is extremely beneficial for budding enterprises with little technical background. This is likely to be a hit with the design and innovative corporations since it will help them increase their profits gradually.

About ur Mobile

Ur mobile is basically a cloud-oriented platform which is aimed at making things easier for the users, who want to have an outstanding mobile web experience. ur mobile, a completely hosted platform enables the users to create and publish the websites effortlessly. With ur mobile, web access has become rather easy on almost all the mobile gadgets like iOS, Android and Blackberry. Owing to the extremely user-friendly interface, ur mobile assists the end users in creating sites and lets them enjoy a wonderful mobile web experience due to the simple editing tools and features like mobile commerce, and social media etc. ur mobile has made it easier for the corporations to lure clients and serve the veterans via pertinent mobile content that caters to their needs.

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