UK Web Host SharePoint Initiative Provides SharePoint 2010 Hosting

The SharePoint Initiative (, a UK web hosting company, proclaimed this Monday the launch of SharePoint 2010 hosting which would enable its clientele to secure their data under strict UK data protection laws.

According to the press release, this service is one of its kinds as no other hosting provider is offering SharePoint 2010 Hosting in the UK.

However, a Google search reveals that there are two other UK web hosting providers that offer UK-based SharePoint hosting. ICS Solutions and Outsourcery offer same kind of solution, but SharePoint Initiative is different in regard to providing SharePoint 2010 hosting through shared hardware. The other two companies use dedicated machines for the same purpose.

SharePoint 2010 hosting was introduced in May, 2010 in North America and since then it is gaining popularity amid hosting companies.

No doubt hosting SharePoint needs lots of hard work, and fee for licensing and server storage is also sky rocketing. That’s why this service is not widely available in Europe.

The interested people can get hosted SharePoint with Rackspace managed hosting by paying $12.17/month.

All the packages offered by the company have:

  • 1GB space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100% uptime service level contract
  • Full Microsoft Certified Support

“There are huge numbers of businesses reviewing the idea of hosting and unless they are a large organization the chance to host SharePoint 2010 in the UK has not been there,” says The Directors at The SharePoint Initiative. “It’s not just the storage of data but also the level of support provided. We have been involved in SharePoint consulting and support for over 18 months now and felt we should address this ridiculous delay being forced upon UK based companies.”


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