Twitter Relocates to Utah Data Center

Twitter ( the famous microblogging site has chosen to celebrate its 5th anniversary of existence by relocating to a data center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The said announcement was made by Twitter through its engineering blog, the reason cited for this migration was “unprecedented growth and sightings of the infamous Fail Whale” the company is striving to increase capacity and reliability. But this move didn’t come as a total surprise; Twitter had made its relocation plans public last year in September.

According to Twitter its engineers “extended many of Twitter’s core systems to replicate Tweets to multiple data centers.” The aforementioned blog provides in depth details of the migration process for those interested.

The blog further declares “this move gives us the capacity to deliver Tweets with greater reliability and speed, and creates more runway to focus on the most interesting operations and engineering problems. It’s an immense opportunity to innovate and build the products and technologies that our users request and our talented engineers love to develop.”

Twitter’s expansion strategy was revealed to the masses in April 2010. The microblogging innovator further went on to reveal the location of the data center which is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah

A detail report from DatacenterDynamics, Twitter will now be hole and sole in charge of its own data center  before this the microblogging giant was leasing space for this purpose.

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