Trend Micro Chosen by Go Daddy Group

Trend micro has been selected by the Go Daddy group- a leading provider of internet hosting, domain registrations & SSL certificates- to enhance their understanding and prevention of online catastrophic attacks.

Go Daddy group has a large user base of 9.4 million, with more than 49 million registered domains and 5 million active hosting accounts. Trend Micro specializes in security for live data center from all sorts of attacks, whether physical, virtual or cloud servers.

Go Daddy chief information officer, Todd Redfoot said that since Trend Micro has a small presence, it allows them to maintain the same customer density on their servers. The security console is user friendly and mostly automatic; hence, low costs are incurred.

This amalgamation has allowed Go Daddy to root out any threats in cloud, even before they reach the servers. Threats can be effectively monitored and a customizable defense can be enacted for a different threat. While doing so, the toll on the server is minimal with reduced costs of ownership. Trend Micro’s approach is multi-pronged, aiming at prevention of intrusion, logging of activities and dealing with malwares unmanned and without delay.

This package is according to the specifications, laid down by the HIPAA, FISMA and PCI.

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