Top 5 Options of Web Hosting for Small Business

Small businesses find it a challenging job to identify a reliable and established web hosting company because large numbers of companies are marketing their amazing low deals with large promises of services. The key, to have a smooth web hosting, is to evaluate all these options carefully and then select the most trusted company with proven services.

The analysis, to this effect, reveals that below mentioned five web hosting companies have suited best, for small business, for the last many years:


Top of this list is Dreamhost which offers a monthly package @ $8.95:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • MySQL Databases
  • Broad Bandwidth
  • Domains (Free domain name with registration)
  • Email Accounts
  • Tool for online software (WordPress, phpBB forums, Joomla, etc.)


The Bluehost Company follows the footsteps of Dreamhost with little variations, in some services, which may apparently look inadequate but one has to keep in mind that these packages are for small business and can effectively fulfil their web hosting demands. The limited and applied caps on some services are completely justified because these services are provided on shared basis and such measures are enforced to prevent sublet, at reduced rates, by any of its customer. The package details are as follows:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • MySQL Databases (Upto Max. 100)
  • Broad Bandwidth
  • Email Accounts (Upto Max 2,500)
  • Domains (limited and parked)


Among all, this company is well known for its professional outfit. It presents a stylish design with user friendly control panel (customizable). The high tech professional appearance of the panel suggests that the services, of the company, must be very expensive but amazingly the monthly package costs $3.99. The variations are with respect to max storage (i.e. 10GB) and there are no software tools to assist one-click installations.


HostGator also offers some cost efficient packages which are attractive to many customers. One of their most popular and sold package is Hatchling which is offered on monthly payment of $4.95. The package details are as following:

  • Storage (unlimited)
  • Email Accounts
  • Broadband connectivity
  • Multiple software tools for one-click installation

It is recommended that if the requirement, to host the site, is not emergent then one should wait for their upcoming deal.


Though, last in the list but it is most exceptional among all for some specific customers. If a company needs very basic hosting services and its expected traffic is also very less then this company offers the best solution in terms of cost. Pertinent details are:

  • Basic Hosting only
  • No tools for one-click installations
  • Monthly Costs (From $0.25 – to –  $2.0)
  • Consumption based charging with no-frills
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One Response to Top 5 Options of Web Hosting for Small Business

  1. When choosing a hosting company ( not necessarily one of the top 5 ) you should think at least twice . The price-quality ratio is the key element when deciding to buy or rent a hosting for your business online . The options you presented here are consecrated brands in the industry and they provide a very good service for the money they ask for monthly , but a smaller hosting company can be a good solution at the start of the road because they don’t have that many clients and they don’t afford bad reviews .

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