Tokyo Data Centre Faces Possible Uptime Problems

The earth quake that hit Japan last month has crippled the nation and amongst many other problems, the people of Japan are also facing an energy crisis. Until now, however, the problem concerning the shortage of power was not experienced by the 50 Data Centers in Tokyo.

There is a concern over the change in the situation in the near future, if Japanese government resorts to rolling blackouts. Such blackouts may become mandatory for the Japanese utility sector in order to save enough energy and electricity for the rest of the country to function properly.

Blackouts will force the Data Centers to conform to using generators. The fuel used by generators will thereby deplete the Japanese fuel reserves and without sufficient energy, these fuel reserves are mandatory for the data centers.

Japan’s government is looking for alternative ways to avoid blackouts while hoping its high power energy users will cut down on their energy usage.

A letter was also issued by the Japan’s Data Center Council to Japan’s Trade, Economics and Industry ministry, cautioning them of the possible blackouts.

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