Thwart Hackers and Protecting Your Data on Dedicated Servers

If you are a web owner using a dedicated server, it is one of your major responsibilities to make sure your websites are adequately protected against hackers. Very frequently, one may come across incidences of precious website data being stolen by malicious hackers. In order to prevent this from happening to your website, you can take extra precautions to make your website secure.

To start with, you need to have knowledge about various forms of hacking and their effects on websites.

  • XSS – Poor security for your HTML codes and client side scripts can cause this attack. Malicious web users use web applications which permit code injection into web sites being viewed by other users.
  • SQL injections – The attacker is sent a user name or a password field through which they can modify the SQL query in this attack.
  • Defacement – This is when a group of hackers attempt to steal information and content from any website. Usually web servers and its operating systems are targeted in this case.

There are various security actions which can be employed to prevent any hacking attacks. They are listed below:

  • Use secured password that are alpha-numeric and contain special characters.
  • Use the latest versions of software which are frequently updated to protect against malicious attacks.
  • Keep a record of IP addresses of websites which are tapping into your website
  • Observe your website’s daily logs. Look out for any spike in traffic statistics.
  • The most recent version of pre-hack backup should be used for your website.
  • Do not use any unsecured widgets, coding or plug-ins
  • Different C class IP’s should host your website
  • Public wifi is a security risk, so avoid using it.
  • Use software containing good coder for better website protection.

Find a Reliable Server Administrator

Staying up to date on the topic helps you protect your site from hacking. Also make sure to back up all critical information regularly to prevent data loss. Moreover, hire good web server administrators. They can help in system maintenance, system and application upgrades and system monitoring. Their primary task will be to maintain the web server while you focus on the design side. Some website administrators also offer to help with email administration.

It is suggested to purchase a cutting-edge dedicated server checking system residing on a private network. It should also lie in the range of the data center to prevent any security issues which might arise by permitting access via firewalls. Intrusion detection is also necessary for a growing system on a dedicated server. By finding an intrusion detection company which satisfies your needs, you will be protected from any possible hacks.

Be sure to have a dedicated server remote backup system for your business. This aids in data retention and acts as a disaster recovery back up. Also, redundancy in IT systems is a good way to keep the business operating smoothly in case of an emergency. Seek back-up solutions which are custom made for your website needs. Having a disaster recovery plan is vital for the continuity of any business.


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