Things You Need to Know About Domain Name Web Hosting

Whenever we talk of domain name web hosting, a number of things pop into our mind. These things include a host for our new site and a place to park our domain names that we were not able to construct yet. Let’s see what one needs to do and the essentials of making a domain name web hosting good and lucrative.

Domain Name Parking

Domain name parking is quite simple and is easily understandable. You might have parked domain names that you haven’t yet constructed into full-sized sites; this in itself is an absolute flourishing business. Purchasing domain names and then selling them off for greater profits is a means of earning a living for many. Meanwhile, they park their domains, also known as domain parking. In domain parking, the domain resides on a domain parking service and displays a ‘For Sale’ sign and a number of ads on it. This way the owner gets partial money from the ads, so the site earns income even before the sale of the domain. is the name if one of the leading domain parking sites.

Buying Domains and Hosting Together Is Not Recommendable

You might get induced by companies to buy domains and hosting together but you should not do this. The reason why you should not buy domains and hosting together is that the relation between you and your hosting company might get affected. For instance, you get both hosting and domain from the same company and at some point later, you need to alter, as your hosting needs are not getting fulfilled by them. Therefore, if you have your host also as your domain registrar, this will create a problem for you. You will be bound to make changes and have to abide by their rules. Thus, to avoid such problems you should buy your hosting and domain separately.

The Length of Your Hosting Terms

If you are sure enough and plan to stick to a domain for a while then buy a number of years of registration at one time. This will help you get higher rankings as search engines like Google and others consider this to be a signal of stability.

Choosing Between Private and Non-Private

The decision of choosing a private or a non-private domain registration is all up to you. With a private domain registration you can mask your private and professional details from interference by others. However, if you choose to go non-private then your name, address, contact numbers and other private details will be open to anyone at all, which could be a bad idea keeping in consideration, matters of identity theft.


The ongoing rate for domain name registration is around $10 per year but you will also come across domain registrars that will try to get 3 to 5 times more from you. However, this may not always be the case as it is a competitive market for domain names and you can always avail a domain name coupon of discount or sale.

Try to Manage Your Own Domain Name Server (DNS)

A Domain Name Server (DNS) is the genuine address your site is aimed to. You manage it at your domain registrar and this way points your DNS to the servers of the contracted hosting companies.

Therefore, web hosting domain registration is an essential and necessary part of an online business and it requires you to have control of it and bring out the best of your domains.


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