The Right Time to Switch From Share To VPS

Often webmasters are torn between the decision whether to upgrade their shared hosting plan to a Virtual Private Servers (VPS) plan or not. The greatest downside is suspension of their account for utilizing too much bandwidth, RAM, etc. However if a user is nearing his limit, the service provider usually sends notifications before the final suspension. Or the limit can be known by talking to customer service reps. A VPS plan is a better solution for many since its affordable and well under the budget of users unlike a dedicated hosting plan which can get a little tight for some wallets.

Some more reasons to ease the mind into upgrading share system to VPS are mentioned below.

Number of Unique Visitors: Although the number varies from host to host there isn’t a specific number required to upgrade to a VPS plan that can endure more bandwidth. However it is recommended that the shared system should be switched to VPS when at least a 1,000 unique visitors visit the site daily.

Limit of Bandwidth: Many shared hosting plans let users consume around 20 to 30 GB of bandwidth monthly without creating issues. However care needs to be taken if the site contains a huge number of videos or audios since that can eat up a lot of bandwidth. As with visitors there is no specific amount of bandwidth that can be utilized monthly but it is better if users switch to VPS if a bandwidth of 50+ GB is needed.

Occasional Glitches: Issues like prolonged interruptions and frequent hacks can lead to Google labeling a site as untrustworthy. If another site linked with the shared system has script that crashes occasionally, other problem free sites crash along with the faulty one. Also with shared plans only one user is enough to expose a site to different hacks and malwares. This is a perfect reason to switch to VPS.

(Un)Limited Emails: Shared hosting usually offers unlimited emails. However most of these plans sneakily limit the number of outgoing emails per hour. That means if several domains are hosted on one shared plan with numerous email accounts, things can get very difficult.

Screening disk IO and CPU usage is crucial in keeping site harm free. Since a typical site is under 300 MB disk space does not pose much problem for webmasters.  A VPS plan allows the user to decide whether the plan is managed or unmanaged. It takes a little time for the control panel to switch from shared DNS to VPS but once installed shared plan can safely be removed.

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