The Cost of Web Hosting

Web hosting pricing has become very confusing over the last several years, with many web hosting companies changing the way they advertise their plan pricing. It can be discouraging after purchasing a web hosting plan, only to find out that the monthly cost is much higher than was expected. Many web hosting companies are using deceptive marketing tactics to attract new customers without actually lowering the price. It is important to know the various aspects of web hosting pricing before comparing  plans. When comparing plans it is best to consider the cost of all the features and the amount of features offered. Try to compare plans of equal value in order to conduct the most accurate and useful comparison possible.

What is the Least Expensive Type of Hosting?

If you need a cheap web hosting plan to get started with your online endeavor, then you may want to consider a shared hosting plan. Shared web hosting is the cheapest form of web hosting, with plans starting at less than ten dollars per month. In fact, it is possible to find a shared  web hosting plan for only $3 per month in some cases.

Many shared web hosting plans offer unlimited features, such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and even the ability to host unlimited domains. Plans that have contracts for more than a year are usually cheaper on a monthly basis. If you are in need of a quick start in the hosting industry then you should purchase a cheap VPS or shared hosting account that allows monthly payments. Using shared hosting has its advantages and disadvantages, however it is always the most affordable solution, regardless of the situation.

Understanding Web Hosting Billing

Web hosting billing is quite similar to other online service industries. You have the option of purchasing plans on a short term billing basis, or on a long term billing basis. Long term plans usually require upfront payments, which consequentially lower the monthly cost of the web hosting plan. It is important to compare the billing type of each hosting plan when conducting a thorough plan comparison.

If you are on a limited budget then you will need to look for plans that have a low startup cost. Most people fail to calculate how much it will cost to get the web hosting plan setup and operating. Setup fees and other expenses associated with purchasing a web hosting are often overlooked.

Yearly Billing

Some web hosting plans require payment upfront for an entire year, however these plans usually offer lower monthly payments based on the advanced payment. For example, a shared web hosting plan may cost $7 per month when purchased with a year contract, while other hosting companies may sell a plan of equal value for $3 per month when purchased with a three year contract.

When you purchase a web hosting plan that is under contract it is important to note that you have to pay all costs upfront. Thus, a $7 per month hosting plan with a year contract would cost $84 plus any applicable setup fees, which are usually about $50. of course, a web hosting plan with a $134 startup cost can be quite expensive for a new online business owner in need of a quick start with minimal investments.

Monthly Billing

On the other hand, there are some web hosting plans that allow payments to be made on a monthly basis. For example, most VPS web hosting accounts can be paid on a monthly basis, with only the first month paid up front. Most VPS hosting accounts cost about $10 per month, which makes the total setup cost for VPS hosting $10 plus applicable startup fees. Therefore, it may actually be more affordable initially to purchase a hosting plan that costs more per month, but that allows monthly payments.

Pay Attention to Hidden Fees

Hidden fees can account for many of the costs associated with web hosting, especially if you are using a web hosting plan from a less reliable company. Some new web hosting companies will charge hidden fees in order to boost their profits. Be sure to avoid these fees by inquiring about any fees associated with the account before making your purchase.

If your web hosting company is adding fees to your monthly cost then you may want to consider another hosting provider or hosting plan. Make sure you contact your hosting company immediately at the first sign of any unexpected fees.

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