Task Force Created to Secure US Government’s Domains

According to a report, released by NextGov on Tuesday, the outgoing federal chief information officer, Vivek Kundra, has created a task force that has been assigned a task to secure the domains employed by government organizations within the next few months, in an attempt to purify its web existence.

The report states that The White House has disclosed a list of 1,759 high-level central domains on Tuesday. This figure is substantially below the estimated 2000 domain target they had expected to exist when a three-month freeze, was considered on all new government sites in June.

The federal government has initiated a data centre to secure the domains (also led by Kundra) along with development towards cloud infrastructure in order to reduce the load on its IT systems. With Vivek Kundra, preparing to leave his job in August, some became concerned that these proposals may grow old and forgotten, but, it has been proven otherwise with Kundra appointing support in his post, in order to evade such circumstances.

The task force, comprising 17 people, will reorganize their procedures and enhance customer support by securing their domains. According to Kundra, the team will gather information from various organizations and even the public. The report highlights a deadline, September 12, which has been decided for the federal agencies, to complete their research and classify which of the websites need to be consolidated and which need to be removed.

The report declares that it has been certified by White House representatives that nearly 24,000 individual websites and sub-sites exist on the high level .gov domains. It has been found that most these websites are either outdated or reproductions.

It was in the 1990’s that these websites lost control when organizations and independent committees began constructing individual website for every new project or initiative undertaken.

After the proposal towards freezing such websites was declared, The White House suggested an initiative to create a solitary domain with all sub-sites integrated into it. However, Kundra announced on Tuesday that decision was not yet final.

During the previous month, ICANN accepted a scheme to extend the top-level domains comprising nearly all words from each language.

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