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Cloud Computing Concept for Business Apps

The usual way to run business applications on computers was to install the app on the system, or use supportive machines, or use client-based servers to access the apps. In either case, the users’ system ought to have particular software … Continue reading

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IBM introduces Computer Chips mimicking Brain Power

The intriguing results of IBM’s new experimental chip have come out at present. The new technology, called “cognitive computing chips,” acts like the human brain; performing functions typically associated with the brain including the ability to perceive, to act and … Continue reading

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Dell Introduces Cloud Computing in Shangai

In accordance to news earlier during the year, which announced that the technology giant, Dell (www.dell.com) was planning on initiating cloud hosting services, a blog post declared on Wednesday that a new data center was being opened in Shangai by … Continue reading

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Namesco Introduces Ecommerce Tool for SMBs

An Internet service specializing organization, Namesco, recently introduced an online retail medium ‘E-commerce Shops’ which will enable small scaled and medium scaled companies to grow their businesses over the Internet, or upgrade to a much better e-commerce solution.

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SoftLayer First Company To Launch Intel Xeon E7-4800 Servers

SoftLayer Technologies, a web hosting company, made a statement on Wednesday claiming to be the first company to offer Intel Xeon E 7-4800 servers. Just a week earlier the company had introduced its referral partner program. The program offers a … Continue reading

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DreamHost and WebAssist Partner to Start CafeCommerce: A SaaS Ecommerce Solution

WebAssist, a top ecommerce solution firm, partnered with a top hosting firm, DreamHost to launch the new ecommerce, software-as-a-solution known as CafeCommerce. CafeCommerce is useful in enabling enterprises to build online store via sophisticated and simple web interface. CafeCommerce also … Continue reading

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Security Firm SecludIT Announces Detection Tool for Amazon EC2

SecludIT (www.secludit.com), an IT security solutions provider declared on March 9, 2011 its partnership with Amazon to issue Elastic Detector for Amazon EC2 (aws.amazon.com/ec). It is a completely programmed safety event detection tool for Amazon EC2.

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How Virtual Private Server is a Nice Option

One of the recent technology extracts that has materialized for the computation realm is the Virtual Private Server Hosting. In fact, it has solved the problems of shared web hosting by giving it advancement. Virtual Private Server works by ameliorating … Continue reading

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6 Points that Indicate Your Readiness for Private Cloud Computing

In the beginning of virtualization, companies wanted to achieve more results with fewer resources, that is, efficient IT infrastructure and reduction in capital expenditure was at the heart of planning for virtualization. As time progressed, it has become important for … Continue reading

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Bitrix Site Manager Looks After Peak Traffic And Prevents Ddos Attacks

Bitrix, Inc., an innovative technology producer for business communications, has come up with its Traffic Juggler load balancing technology, which caters to the need of customers for continuation of business online. The technology is able to deliver leading performance against … Continue reading

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