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IBM introduces Computer Chips mimicking Brain Power

The intriguing results of IBM’s new experimental chip have come out at present. The new technology, called “cognitive computing chips,” acts like the human brain; performing functions typically associated with the brain including the ability to perceive, to act and … Continue reading

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SiteTuners, Tim Ash, Discusses 7-Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

The HostingCon 2011 was a successful event. During its first midday conference, held on Tuesday, the CEO of SiteTuners, Tim Ash, focused on an important issue regarding the different ways in which websites mislay alterations, all due to their unprofessional … Continue reading

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Web Host SoftCom Attains PCI Compliance Certification for Hosting Brands

It was recently declared, on Wednesday, by the web hosting supplier, SoftCom, that it has attained the PCI Compliance Certification, for its principal hosting brands, including myhosting.com and mail2web.com. With the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard documentation, the company … Continue reading

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Task Force Created to Secure US Government’s Domains

According to a report, released by NextGov on Tuesday, the outgoing federal chief information officer, Vivek Kundra, has created a task force that has been assigned a task to secure the domains employed by government organizations within the next few … Continue reading

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Lulzsec and Anonymous Wage War Against Government

The two infamous hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous have joined hands in forming a new campaign against the different government organizations and banks. Their goal is to infiltrate into their system and publish secret emails and confidential data and information … Continue reading

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IBM Releases New Cloud-based Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

In a report released by IBM on Monday, it was stated that IBM has released its SmartCloud Resilience services, the latest cloud service by the company which will allow customers to secure, store and recover important information faster, in case … Continue reading

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Revival of Sony’s PS Network Begins

As soon as Sony (www.sony.com) started repairing the PlayStation Network on Friday, which suffered a massive downtime of 2 weeks, it was reported that data security personal at Sony were aware of the fact that an unprotected and outdated Apache … Continue reading

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GearHost Allies with Host Merchant Services

GearHost, provider of cloud computing worldwide, has declared alliance with Host Merchant Service, a credit card processing company. The coalition is focusing on providing credit card processing services to customers at an affordable price and with exceptional service.

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E-Commerce Companies to use Webinar’s Help to Fight Hackers

A live ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) Self Defense’ online seminar, also known as webinar will be hosted by managed hosting and cloud provider INetU with author and online data security expert Dr. Anton Chuvakin and Nick Percoco … Continue reading

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External Intrusion Forces PlayStation Network to Go Offline

Sony’s Playstation Network went down last Thursday and has shown no signs of coming back online. The network was taken offline immediately in an effort to keep sensitive information protected from an unexpected ‘external intrusion’.  The company has ordered a … Continue reading

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