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ZNet Becomes a Part of Google Apps Reseller Program

It was recently announced that the famous web hosting supplier, ZNet, has been made an official reseller of the Google AppsTM collection of collaboration and communication tools.

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Hazards of Violation of Data Uncovered

Although, considered a boon, internet, at present, is proved to be a bane, as it has become far more public than it needs to be. It has recently been discovered that credit card information is publicly accessible to anybody via … Continue reading

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Google to Maintain Data Center Leases at 111 8th Ave. Carrier Hotel

  According to a blog post released by Grubb & Ellia’ Michael Mandel, Google will maintain the lease of the data center it purchased at the 111 8th Ave. carrier hotel. The only available space present in the building was … Continue reading

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Syria’s Internet Service Renewed after Blackout

According to Renesys, an Internet Connection Surveillance company released a report on Saturday stating that the Internet connection to Syria has been renewed. After the country saw numerous anti-government protests, the Internet connection across the country was broken.

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Google Disarms Chinese Spear-Phishing Attack on US

In a statement made on its blog, Google said that it successfully managed to block a spear-phishing attack aimed at the Gmail accounts of many “senior US government officials, Chinese political activists, officials in several Asian countries (mainly South Korea), … Continue reading

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Microsoft Gives Sneak Peek Into Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 9 may have just come out last month but that’s not stopping Microsoft from already getting ready to bring Internet Explorer 10 to the market. At the 2011 MIX Conference held annually in Las Vegas, the company offered … Continue reading

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Automatic Backup And Purchase Recommender System By Novosoft

The global manufacturer of software for home and business users, Novosoft, has declared to issue a fresh version of Handy Backup. Handy Backup is used to automatically backup music, videos, pictures and documents and has a purchase recommender system that … Continue reading

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Google Web Hosting- Should You Go for It

It may be a difficult task for you to decide the right place to host your content in fact it could take a lot of your time. You might also have in consideration the usage of Google Web Hosting for … Continue reading

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Things You Need to Know About Domain Name Web Hosting

Whenever we talk of domain name web hosting, a number of things pop into our mind. These things include a host for our new site and a place to park our domain names that we were not able to construct … Continue reading

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