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SiteTuners, Tim Ash, Discusses 7-Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

The HostingCon 2011 was a successful event. During its first midday conference, held on Tuesday, the CEO of SiteTuners, Tim Ash, focused on an important issue regarding the different ways in which websites mislay alterations, all due to their unprofessional … Continue reading

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Hacking is Not Only Concerned with the Money

Since McAfee and SAIC have together issued a statement – asserting to confirm that cybercriminals are currently concentrating on rational property as a way of making profit from businesses – Idappcom states its own surveys verifying that hackers are not … Continue reading

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How Did Web Hosting Come Into Being?

While browsing the website did you ever think, how the website is visible to you? What forces are acting behind the website, making it functional and visible for the whole world to see? This force is none other than web … Continue reading

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