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US Joomla Pros Declares Integration

It was declared recently, by US Joomla Pros, the winning merger of Confluence, Marketo, Salesforce, OSQA and Joomla into one singular efficient website allows users to log-in to the system just once. This blend will permit a solitary client profile … Continue reading

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Web Host SoftCom Attains PCI Compliance Certification for Hosting Brands

It was recently declared, on Wednesday, by the web hosting supplier, SoftCom, that it has attained the PCI Compliance Certification, for its principal hosting brands, including myhosting.com and mail2web.com. With the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard documentation, the company … Continue reading

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Are Virtual Private Servers Well Protected?

Irrespective of whether you are the manager of your own server-hosting several virtual personal servers (VPS), or a VPS customer-jointly using a server with numerous others, it is imperative that you consider the matter of safety. How well protected are … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s New Innovation Gizmox Cloudmove Solution via Windows Azure Marketplace

In an announcement made by Gizmox (www.visualwebgui.com), famous for developing cloud platform, they declared that Gizmox’s visual webgui instant cloudmove solution would now be accessible through the windows Azure marketplace. The rationale behind this move as explained in the press … Continue reading

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Role of Web Hosts in Combating Malware

According to a fresh set of Best Practices published by StopBadware, a nonprofit organization which deals in combating faulty software on the internet, the range of malware can be restricted by web host providers if they immediately respond to reports … Continue reading

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Managed Hosting As Part Of Dedicate Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a cloud hosting environment where one server is designated to one client only. The client is able to access server features and control server performance as if it is operating within his home or office. The client … Continue reading

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