Solid State Drives Made Available by SoftLayer

SoftLayer Technologies®, best known for being the innovation leaders in on-demand Cloud and dedicated hosting have publicized the availability MICRON RealSSDTM solid state drives (SSD’s). The SSD’s are available in 50GB, 100GB and 200GB capacities and offer consistent and protected enterprise-level storage capabilities for high-performance and data-intensive application which require fast read/write performance.

Sam Fleitman, the Chief Operations Officer for SoftLayer, has stated that the customer response to SSD’s has been excellent. ‘Once they got a taste for the performance advantages the technology provides, they couldn’t wait to get higher capacity drives to take that performance even further.” When asked about the selection of MICRON SSD’s, he replied, “We chose the MICRON SSDs because they not only answer the call for higher capacity, they also bring with them incredible new performance features.”

These SSD’s are the first of their kind to leverage the SATA III Gbps interface and utilize single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash to give top of the line performance and low latency, with sequential read speeds as high as 360 Mbps and 45,000 random write IOPs.

Flietman reaffirmed the company’s dedication towards continuous research and the deployment of the most innovative, cutting edge technologies available.  Fleitman said, “We’re proud to offer the new Micro SSD’s and the competitive edge it will give our customers for their business operations.”


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