SolarWinds, IT Management Software Company, Introduces Synthetic End User Monitor

SolarWinds ( , IT management software provider, has pronounced recently about the introduction of a new application management solution, namely, SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor. This latest application is meant to help the administrators to supervise the web-based transactions in apps.

According to SolarWinds, the Synthetic End User Monitor comes with a recorder that enables the users to counter the transaction issues, before the clients notice them. You can oversee almost any web app transaction through this monitor, be it internal, client-facing, SaaS or Cloud. Reportedly, it scrutinizes the web apps via the synthetic user tests and reports. In case, problems are encountered while finishing the transactions, they take more than usual time or you get unexpected results, the users will be given a warning.

According to the Vice president, product marketing and management of SolarWinds, Sanjay Castelino, “Synthetic End User Monitor provides reliable and affordable web application monitoring, with the best, most easy-to-use recorder on the market, at a fraction of the price.” Furthermore, he said, “It also provides the option to monitor mission-critical internal applications, an area that is ignored by most of our competitors.”

Moreover, SolarWinds introduced Web Transaction Watcher, which enables you to record one web transaction for free. You can install the monitor on several positions, in the data center or even onsite, for your hosting customers without worrying about app downtime. You can purchase the Synthetic End User Monitor for minimum $1,995 with up-keeping for the initial twelve months period.

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