SoftLayer Releases Parallels Automation on-Demand

SoftLayer Technologies recently announced the release of Parallels Automation on-Demand (PAoD) a joint production with Parallels. The PAoD stands to integrate the highly competitive Parallel Automation Suite (PAS) with the fully-automated architecture of SoftLayer so that a readily available cloud service provision is made to the end users. The back to back cloud platform enables quick access to loads of reality integrated cloud apps. This aims to cut time, risk and costs radically in getting cloud services marketed. The package is easily affordable and can be customized for large scale operations and make for an ideal power solution for customers having any kind of requirement from large-scale ISPs and Telecommunications providers to SMBs , resellers and individual software developers.

“The integration of Parallels Automation on-Demand and the SoftLayer fully-automated infrastructure creates a platform that’s ready to go, and ready to scale,” said George Karidis, CSO of SoftLayer. “Whoever you are, this gets you into the cloud business first to market—and with industry-leading reliability and manageability.”

“SoftLayer and Parallels have taken the end-to-end implementation and management burden off the shoulders of existing cloud service providers, as well as any business wanting to enter the cloud service market. This brings us a significant opportunity to rapidly diversify our product portfolio, gain finer control of operations and, as a result, increase revenue per user.”

PAS is a multi-tier control panel which is geared to provide multiple automated solutions that help in increasing output and revenues. The features include:

-ability to manage the core infrastructure of cloud platform

-streamlining the availability and management of 250(and more) application services like Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint , and Open-Xchange

-administering the accounts of end users

-control panels for users so they can manage their accounts and services themselves

The design of PAoD’s automated architecture is modular with core services like the suite software and infrastructure and individual module servers which give the software and infrastructure for resellers to offer to end-customers.

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