SoftLayer Introduces Dedicated Firewalls

SoftLayer®Technologies, a leading innovator in Cloud, Managed and Dedicated hosting, recently declared that it was introducing High-Availability Dedicated Firewalls to its security solutions lineup. Customers of SoftLayer Technologies, now have the opportunity to add a new service of higher point of security for existing and new Cloud, Dedicated, or Virtual systems, which share the same VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network).

“High-Availability Dedicated Firewalls provide our customers with greater peace of mind,” stated Matt Chilek, Vice President of Systems Development and Technology at SoftLayer. “Unfortunately, malicious network activity can happen to anyone, so we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best protection possible, so they can focus on their business and not worry about the security of their infrastructure.”

The work of High-availability Dedicated Firewalls is much more than just protecting the servers from malevolent activity. The service of this firewall also includes a secondary physical firewall, which is used for failover protection and automatic fall back, once the primary firewall has recaptured service.

All the network traffic happening, in between the entire VLAN and the Public Network, is examined and filtered by SoftLayer’s firewalls. Customers have very easy access to configuring the firewall settings, through the company’s simple-to-use Customer Portal for the whole VLAN along with the individual computing systems. Customers are also offered a large library of templates through the company’s Portal, to apply security regulations and configurations to certain applications. The templates available, presently, include email and Web services, cPanel and Parallels® Plesk.

High-availability Dedicated Firewalls are the latest addition to SoftLayer’s collection of firewall security measures, including Dedicated Hardware Firewalls and Standard Firewalls. All of these can be provided on demand, avoiding all service interruptions, through the company’s premier Customer Panel. The extra protection offered by these firewalls supplement, the efforts made by SoftLayer, to offer enhanced individualization of each of its customers network security tactic, to assist them in achieving superior uptime, control and accessibility.

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About SoftLayer Technologies

With its headquarters situated in Dallas, softLayer is the premier of modernization in data center and on-demand Web hosting services. Being one of the largest and most well known companies in the world, SoftLayer allows its clients to construct dedicated, cloud or seamless hybrid computer situations, controlling it’s world-famous data center services in Seattle, Houston, Washington D.C. and at its headquarters in Dallas.

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