SmarterTools Launches SmarterTrack 7.x Help Desk

SmarterTools Inc. proudly announced that the public BETA launched by SmarterTrack 7.x can now be accessed by everyone who hopes to get a preview of the new features that would be available when the next customer service and help desk software is launched.  SmarterTrack 7.x with the inclusion of a new portal interface and much better movement aims to aid organizations in offering their clients a steady and high customer service no matter where they are.

“Work environments have become increasingly mobile as employees conduct business from remote offices, en route to meetings or while on vacation, and companies need a customer service platform that can accommodate this shift,” said Tim Uzzanti, CEO of SmarterTools. “The features available in this BETA make SmarterTrack a truly mobile help desk, allowing individuals to respond to tickets, answer live chats, take VoIP calls or monitor all customers on their website while at the office or at the beach.”

The attractive features and add-ons include:

1. A modified portal interface which allows clients to easily navigate their way to the self service resources whenever they require them.

2. Enhancements on interface which greatly refine the client experience when used from the iPad of Android tablets and scores of other devices.

3. Article comments on lots of information over which clients can connect and provide feedback.

4. Rating system by which clients can separate their favorite or useful content articles from the others.

5. Google translation powered auto translation for articles in other languages.

6. Notifications for the times when agents are away from their computers or when the date for a follow up ticket is long gone.

7. Visible and manageable grid views which make it very easy to classify tickets, calls of live charts according to the date they began, idle time, customer name etc.

About SmarterTools Inc.

SmartTools Inc. started functioning in the year 2003 and since then it is an information technology management software company with headquarters in Phoenix Arizona. SmarterTools creates a Windows mail server, customer service software, and Web log analytics and SEO software which aid organizations in communicating, measuring, and supporting their global business operations. Additional information about SmarterTools Inc. and the SmarterTools product line is available at

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