ServerMonkey Enlarges its Product Line

Along with offering latest and revamped servers and networking tools, ServerMonkey is providing the clients with the top-notch revamped workstations through its website. Workstations are basically the first choice of graphic designers, gamers and power users, since they help in executing top-quality graphics and exhaustive processing.

According to Scott Michael Flowers, CEO of the company, “We’re extremely excited to offer refurbished workstations and give our customers the opportunity to purchase these top-of-the-line machines at very competitive prices.” Michael further explained, “Each workstation, we carry, goes through the same rigorous six-step quality and inspection process as our refurbished servers and networking equipment. Our trained IT experts make sure that every piece of hardware we sell delivers the high performance that our customers demand.”

ServerMonkey offers different choices in terms of workstation models, ranging from cost effective models like Dell Precision 670 and 690 to the Dell Precision T7400; the latter being Quad Core powerhouse, providing high-quality graphic performance and processing. According to Flowers, “Our goal is to provide both individuals and businesses with a wide selection of workstations so they can get the right hardware that fits within their needs and budget.” Conclusively, Flowers said, “At the end of the day, we aim to be the resource companies turn to when they need reliable and affordable equipment to get the job done.”

Check out for choosing among the workstation options.

About ServerMonkey

ServerMonkey is, principally, a Houston-based company, delivering viable solution to the IT firms by providing revamped servers and networking tools. It has a collection of the top brands like HP, Dell, IBM, Intel, Sun and Cisco. They put forward top notch services, thanks to their high performance equipments, but still their rates are pretty nominal.

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