Security Firm SecludIT Announces Detection Tool for Amazon EC2

SecludIT (, an IT security solutions provider declared on March 9, 2011 its partnership with Amazon to issue Elastic Detector for Amazon EC2 ( It is a completely programmed safety event detection tool for Amazon EC2.

With this excellent Saas-based security utility, managers and users of EC2-based environments can consistently notice errors on security groups and applications which enable them to eliminate the hazard of outside and inside intrusions with no administrative operating cost.

Dynamic environments are tremendously different from static environments in the sense they increase the danger of outside and inside intrusions and enhance the security overhead, because of manual administration of consistently altering security boundaries of the elastic set of servers.

SecludIT Elastic Security patent pending technology is used to develop Elastic Detector for Amazon EC2, which mechanically develops and acclimatizes security boundaries so that the environment is always safe.

‘Auto-Checks’ is a characteristic of this utility which sets the correct security restrictions and consequent warnings.

One of the core features of Elastic Detector for Amazon EC2 is the automation. It is programmed to auto-detect servers and set inspections and warnings. All other security and monitoring tools require to setup the examination and warnings manually.

The security manager is capable to fine adjust the tests and warnings as needed by the system, however, if the environment develops overtime, Elastic Detector for Amazon EC2 will be working normally to implement security via Auto-Checks.

One of the best things about this security utility is its ability to alert the administrators beforehand in case any problem arises.

“We are very proud of releasing today the very first product based on our innovative Auto-Checks technology,” says Sergio Loureiro, CEO of SecludIT. “The first feedback we got is very positive, and Elastic Detector is only at the beginning of what we can do. We are working hard on our product roadmap.”

Subsequently its personal beta test period from the last 3 months, Elastic Detector is currently accessible for Amazon EC2 and in future it will be available for other cloud providers.


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