RegistryPro Announces Sponsorship of ICANN

In an announcement made by RegistryPro, a registry operator of PRO, it stated that it will now function as the official sponsor of the 41st ICANN International Meeting, to be held in Singapore from June 19th to 24th. The meeting will be ResgistryPro’s seventh International Meeting as a Sponsor.

“RegistryPro is excited to continue our support of ICANN’s International Meetings,” said Karim Jiwani, newly appointed CEO of RegistryPro.  “We have a lot of exciting news to share with the community about our TLD’s and our company.   We would like to invite everyone in attendance to stop by booth #4 to find out more about what is happening with RegistryPro and the .PRO TLD.”

Due to the groundbreaking performance in 2010 with continuous expansion in 2011, PRO has secured a name for itself as an important organization in the domain name business.  “In 2010, .PRO achieved 12 consecutive months of growth and ranked among the top performers in the domain name space”, said Matt Buckland, Director of Operations for RegistryPro.  “Throughout 2011, .PRO has continued aggressively expanding by developing our registrar base and attracting a dedicated end-user community.”

Buckland continued, “As the domain name landscape continues to diversify .PRO stands ready to help business, service professionals, and organizations maintain and establish a truly unique, ‘professional’ on-line identity.”

About .PRO

Based in Chicago, Illinois, RegistryPro has been made ICANN operator of the .PRO TLD. Soon after it was launched in 2004, .PRO has made a name for itself by becoming the most opted for tool in businesses, organizations and individuals. .PRO provides all its clients the opportunity to improve their appearance by including a strong yet easily known name with their online presence and web based products.

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