Rebel Networks Utilizing OnApp to Provide Cloud Infrastructure To Web Hosts

An image from the Rebel Networks website illustrates the architecture of the comapny's OnApp powered cloud

In a statement made on Thursday by hosting provider and American Diversified Holdings Corporation subsidiary Rebel Networks, it was announced that the company has signed a deal with cloud hosting platform software developer OnApp to provide cloud hosting infrastructure to web hosting companies and individual customers.

According to Rebel Networks, the personalized cloud services will contain both private and public services like servers, SAN storage and bandwidth, developed on OnApp’s cloud management software. It is also said that the web hosting providers will now have an affordable and easy route to release their own line of cloud hosting products.

During the presentation at the Parallels and World Hosting Days Conference this year, officials from OnApp discussed some of the details regarding the price of infiltrating the cloud market for hosting providers. And even though they might not be so great when utilized with a pre packaged cloud platform against designing a platform from within, the infrastructure price on its own is much higher than the basic entry into the dedicated or shared hosting markets.

Rebel Networks appears to be considering the reseller cost of the cloud hosting solution at that region of the hosting organization, which does not have the appropriate resources needed for the infrastructure investment.

According to the company, at present it offers back-end infrastructure to around 50 web hosting resellers, a majority of whom have shown interest in cloud services, but do not want their services to be associated with other cloud products like Amazon’s AWS. Rebel Network in its statement also says that it is all set to attract many new resellers by providing them with turnkey cloud service which has been developed on Dell hardware, Windows or Linux, WHMCS and OnApp.

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