Protecting Domain Names- Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Owning your domain name:

Until you are a legal registrant of the domain name you purchased, you could very well owe everything to somebody else. Proof: A domain name owner has purchased a domain name somewhat similar to the company name. Trusting blindly, the customer asked the web host to register the website’s name for him. It worked out fine, that is, until the customer decided to part ways and look for a different web host. The user learnt the hard way that he was not the registrant of the domain name and therefore could not gain access to the site anymore. The name had been registered to the company instead of the user. To let go of the name, the company asked for a considerable amount of money prompting the user to take legal action.

If you do not want to experience the same fate and still are not sure if you really own your website, check out If your name is marked next to the registrant and administrative contract you are good to go. If not, call your web host and ask who in-charge is and have it changed to your name pronto.

Keep renewing your domain name:

The Internet world is a dangerous place for domain name owners. Always prone to hackers, domain names should never be left to sit idle. If they are nearing their expiry date renew them quickly.

Proof: A domain name owner had the perfect domain name for his website. As the name neared its expiration date, he forgot to get it renewed and unfortunate for him the web hosting company did not do much to remind him either. However much later when the user realized about it, cybersquatters had already taken possession of it and had it registered under their name. He had to pay a good amount of money to get his own name back.

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  1. RakeshMedia says:

    In addition to unlimited domain hosting, your reseller hosting plan must treat you as a conduit and not as a direct service provider. If you had to do all the customer service initiatives and provide all the maintenance and updates to other sites yourself, you wouldn’t have time to focus on your passion,

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