Presidential Request to Know Tax Ceiling, Flooded Congressional Members’ Web pages

Website of representative John Boehner (R-Ohio), one of the many sites that saw downtime Tuesday

According to resources, several Congress members’ websites stopped working, when a huge influx of traffic, largely American citizens worried about the debt limit, swamped the servers. This was in result to the president Obama’s speech, in which he asked the US citizens, who “want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit” to get in touch with the congress members.

The next morning, around 40,000 phone calls were being placed and the Capitol switchboard was almost snowed under the huge number of these phone calls. While the rest of the citizens, preferred going online, browsing the websites of the Congressional representatives, to know about tax ceiling. This, in turn, flooded the servers and, hence, most of the sites experienced a bad downtime.

Most of the people, trying to reach the House Speaker, John Boehner’s website, got the message, “The web page cannot be found”. On the other hand, various other web pages, like of House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, Presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann, also stopped working. This has led Chairman of the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight to think about probing the issue and come up with ways to stop phone or web page crashes next time.

Reportedly, the subcommittee is thinking about getting help of some IT professionals, to not just assess the enormity of the problem, but also devise some solution. Chairman Phil Gingrey, while making a statement said, “Was it just some glitch that a little teak that costs virtually nothing could be put in place so it doesn’t happen again? Or if it’s going to be a huge revamp, how much money will it cost and can we justify that?” According to resources, congress web pages have had such crashes previously as well. It happened, back in March 2010, when public tried to call up their congressional representatives after listening to Rush Limbaugh, to know about health care reform.

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