Software Company SingleOS Releases Fuscan Linux Cloud V2.0

Software Company SingleOS has introduced version 2.0 of Fuscan Linux Cloud, a modification to its cloud software computerization process.

Fuscan Enterprise Hosting Automation has been included as an additional feature for the cPanel control panel, allowing clients to computerize their cloud hosting infrastructure for service providers.

According to the software company, one of the most important modifications, they have brought about to the process, is the substitution of the version 1.0 GFS file system, with GlusterFS, which is certified by the GNU AGPL v3 permit.

Based on a statement made by SingleOS, the execution and flexibility of the system has been enhanced by a long way, with the addition of the GlusterFS file in the latest version.

In addition to the fresh system of filing, Fuscan version 2.0 offers a far more flexible and convenient resource manager, with more in-depth features, as a substitute to the Red Hat resource manager with Pacemaker.


SiteTuners, Tim Ash, Discusses 7-Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

The HostingCon 2011 was a successful event. During its first midday conference, held on Tuesday, the CEO of SiteTuners, Tim Ash, focused on an important issue regarding the different ways in which websites mislay alterations, all due to their unprofessional landing page design. Continue reading

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Parallels Releases Automation for Cloud Applications, Product Expert Program

Providers will now have the ability to develop and maintain storefronts applications for small and medium scale companies, through Parallels Automation for Cloud Applications, being offered by Parallels, at HostingCon 2011. Continue reading

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Boston to Host 2012 HostingCon

The hostingcon has ended 2 days ago.

An announcement was released by iNET Interactive, revealing the place and date for the 8th annual HostingCon. The conference that features hosting services, around the globe, will take place in Boston Massachusetts, on July 16th to 18th 2012, at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Conventional Center, situated in the center of the Back Bay. Continue reading

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R1Soft Offers CDP Backup at HostingCon 2011

An announcement was recently made, by the developer of Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) support software for servers operating in the cloud, R1Soft, regarding its appearance at the San Diego Convention Center for this year’s HostingCon. Having gone on, since the past seven years, many have anticipated HostingCon 2011 to be a magnificent event to date, with nearly 1,800 Web hosting experts making an appearance, from 30 different countries around the world. Continue reading

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enStratus Declares Support for Amazon VPC

It was declared recently, by enStratus, that it will initiate its support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with wide-ranging accessibility, in several Availability Zones, within the entire AWS Regions: Singapore, Europe, Tokyo, U.S. East and U.S West. Continue reading

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US Joomla Pros Declares Integration

It was declared recently, by US Joomla Pros, the winning merger of Confluence, Marketo, Salesforce, OSQA and Joomla into one singular efficient website allows users to log-in to the system just once. This blend will permit a solitary client profile system, built in Joomla, to maintain user’s entry in to numerous other third party applications. Continue reading

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McAffe’s Investigation Discovers China might be Responsible for Five-Year Cyber Attack

In an operation titled “Operation Shady RAT”, initiated by McAfee security professionals, nearly 70 computer networks from both, public and private sector companies, located in 14 different countries, have penetrated by hackers. Continue reading

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Web Host SoftCom Attains PCI Compliance Certification for Hosting Brands

It was recently declared, on Wednesday, by the web hosting supplier, SoftCom, that it has attained the PCI Compliance Certification, for its principal hosting brands, including and

With the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard documentation, the company assures that the client’s details and payment information are permanently and completely safe. Continue reading

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Are Virtual Private Servers Well Protected?

Irrespective of whether you are the manager of your own server-hosting several virtual personal servers (VPS), or a VPS customer-jointly using a server with numerous others, it is imperative that you consider the matter of safety. How well protected are virtual private servers? Are VPS managers a potential risk to each other, with regards to security? Continue reading

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