OnApp Introduces Latest Edition of Cloud Management Software

OnApp Cloud Management Software

It was, lately, announced, on Wednesday, by the cloud hosting software creator, OnApp, that it has released the latest version 2.2 of its cloud management software, for web hosting suppliers. Based on the announcement made by OnApp, the most up-to-date version offers features, which previously were only accessible through the costly cloud service providers.

According to OnApp, the newest version 2.2 will provide small businesses the opportunity to gain access to high-quality auto-scaling and load balancing at no extra charge.

OnApp also stated that the new version offers auto-scaling and load balancing for virtual machines, which are running in the cloud, in conjunction with the Free BSD operating system support.

Based on the news, reported at press release, an upgrade is being provided to all current OnApp clients through its support team, entirely free of charge.

“This is a major release of OnApp cloud management software, and big news for the hosting market,” Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp stated. “Our mission is to make the cloud as simple and affordable as possible for all hosting providers, without compromising on high-end functionality. By introducing autoscaling and load balancing we’re bringing cutting-edge cloud features to the mass market for the first time, and enabling even a small host to compete with the likes of AWS – but in a customer-friendly way, and at a fraction of the cost.”

All virtual devices, which are based on Linux operating systems, will have access to OnApp 2.2 “autoscale up” and “autoscale out” feature.

Through autoscale up, a virtual device hosting in the cloud, can access a larger amount of server resources, mechanically. The autoscale out feature allows users to duplicate the virtual device, when the same limits are met.

The load balancing features offered, by OnApp 2.2, are supported through Loadbalancer.org to maintain a collection of virtual devices that are provided to client in form of one solitary application.

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