Nexcess.Net Presents Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service

NEXCESS.NET, a web hosting company for shared hosting, dedicated hosting, colocation, and server clusters, recently announced the launch of its content delivery network (CDN) service to its loyal customers. The CDN is backed by EdgeCast Networks, a resourceful media content delivery network.

The company explains that its CDN service has been created to bring significant improvement in the performance of websites by a reduction in physical distance and hence latency between server and customer location. It also aims to reduce the distance from the standpoint of network topology, making sure that requested content by a user will always be provided by the server that will give best performance for the query. With locations in 19 areas over North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia customers are likely to see improved performance internationally.

Customers will get several advantages over traditional hosting with the company’s CDN Service. Like decreased server load for hosting dynamic data and improved search engine ranking.

“We feel that our customers will see significant benefits in leveraging the advantages of CDN hosting for their static content,” commented Chris Wells, President   & CEO of NEXCESS.NET. “As time goes on, the web is becoming less forgiving of slow web sites, and studies have repeatedly proven that end users gravitate towards content with the fastest load times.”

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