New On The Line – Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting is expected to bring a revolutionary change to the industry of Information technology and more specifically web hosting. The long awaited promise of making use of computing power as a daily facility is within reach now and this platform presents an array of opportunities and challenges to both the industry providers and recipients. A lot of organizations are considering the option of presenting their web hosting solutions on the public cloud hosting platform arena where all data, applications and files are shared on a physical hardware, disk space and network infrastructure alongwith a burgeoning number of other companies. Although, this makes available economies of scale to most new entrants and present affordable solutions to customers, some responsible companies still consider it a risk to take nose dive into the public hosting arena, the reason mostly cited is ‘security concerns’. Many customers who have their website hosted on public servers are themselves handling online transactions with reputed, loyal customers and the whole cycle is terribly disrupted if security leakage occurs anywhere. Hence, security restrictions, concerns about end performance, when so many companies join the same server, and the fear of losing control over their hosted infrastructure drives established companies away from public web hosting.

All the above factors have given rise to the need for private cloud hosting environment whose top promise is ‘a secure environment’. This elucidates the security of physical environment where the website is hosted as well as the ‘perceived security of the environment which means its content is also private. There are websites whose short term goal is to achieve PCI compliance for their e-commerce apps and private cloud hosting ensures that their website is secure enough to accomplish this goal. Also a totally dedicated hardware gives the assurance that there won’t be any transferring of confidential company or customer data even mistakenly with other businesses (or competitors). This is also an absolute necessity for an e-commerce website.

A lot of private cloud hosting solutions are dependent on virtualization technologies like Xen Cloud Platform. This solution is popular among big companies as it is based on Linux and lets these companies offer private hosting packages with the help of virtualization. They can control the system resources and can change their utilization without the provision of a new infrastructure. Hardware access also allows for handling a variety of applications and usage. Thus private cloud hosting simplifies the actual cloud infrastructure while the customers are able to get the best of both worlds.

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