New Laws For Net Neutrality Receive Opposition

House Republicans have taken strong opposition to the imposition of new rules by the Federal communications commission for broadband internet services. Republicans have point blank targeted the “net neutrality” laws adopted by the FCC chairman who forbade internet service providers from moving down their customer service on the internet. The Republicans also opposed the new laws governing health care and environmental sector labeling them as unnecessary.

Democrat Julius Genachowski said as chairman of FCC, in defense of the new laws as the hearing proceeded, that the FCC “did the right thing” and that these steps are “pro-job and pro-investment” for the U.S. economy.

Many Democrats sided with the Chairman. Some were even of the view that the regulations could have been stricter. They suggested that the rules designed for land-line phones should be regulated for the internet service providers as well.

“Without some clear rules of the road, large companies can carve up the Internet into fast and slow lanes, charging a toll for content and blocking innovators from entering the information superhighway,” says Representative Anna Eshoo, who is a dealer of many district Silicon Valley companies.

Republicans have taken some initial steps to stop FCC from imposing the new laws by bringing out an amendment to budget legislations and stop financing the FCC. A resolution was proposed on Wednesday, on the basis of the Congress Review Act, that attempted to overturn the FCC rules. The effort was fully supported by the congressman, but it cannot be enforced without the approval of President Barack Obama who himself favors the implementation of the new laws.

According to the new law phone and internet provider will no longer be able to block or slow down their services to legal internet traffic and would also be bound to provide more information to customers regarding their services.

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