NetStandard Offers Free Cloud Services to Joplin Businesses

An overhead view of Joplin, Missouri from an interactive map by the Associated Press and

NetStandard, a web hosting company, on Thursday released a statement saying that it has signed a deal with Joplin Mo.-based Heartland Technology Solutions, to offer its cloud services, free of cost to those businesses severely affected by the tornado to get back on their feet. Last Sunday, a tornado ripped apart Joplin, Missouri claiming at least 125 lives and rendering more than 230 unaccounted for. NetStandard says that “this is a particularly vulnerable time for Joplin businesses that were destroyed or severely damaged by the tornado.”  Therefore it is going to offer email, calendar collaboration, file sharing and more to all those affected businesses without charging anything.

The cloud based services can be accessed by NetStandard’s Myappsanywhere cloud product. It has been noted by the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington that almost 93 percent of businesses that are struck by natural disasters and lost their data centers as a result for 10 or more days, soon file for bankruptcy almost the next year.

“It’s a devastating situation for the people of Joplin – including business owners who need to resume operations as soon as possible in order to stay afloat,” Jeff Melcher, CEO of NetStandard said in a statement. “We’re eager to provide the support Joplin businesses will need, with a solution that lets them operate from virtually anywhere. Their files will be securely stored and backued up at our location, which means they don’t need to purchase and maintain computer servers at their business. They can access all of their business applications from wherever they are with a laptop, using their cell phone for voice communication.”

According to the press release, NetStandard will help “as many businesses as it can handle.”

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