Multiple New Products at Symantec’s Vision 2011 Conference

Data backup/ security innovator Symantec ( is all over the headlines because of their announcements on Tuesday made during the Vision 2011 conference. These announcements revolve around the launch of Symantec V-Ray technology along with Backup Exec, which they claim will “modernize” backup and revival of data.

According to statistics for the month of March, provided by Alexa Netcraft survey , it was found that Symantec’s SSL certification is being used by more than 700 out of 1000 top websites.

“In our new world of virtualized IT, big data and electronic discovery, traditional approaches to data protection no longer work. However, organizations still want the ability to recover data with greater ease and lower costs,” Deepak Mohan, senior vice president of the Information Management Group, Symantec explained in a statement. “Symantec recognizes these challenges and is defining a new vision to help organizations smash backup and recovery windows, drive down costs and reduce complexity.”

Symantec V-Ray equipment provides backup transparency through all atmospheres, physical and virtual, guaranteeing effective protection of whole system. Symantec says “V-Ray will lower backup storage costs and gives customers X-Ray vision to easily see, protect, and recover their virtual machines with the same solution that protects their physical environments.”

According to press sources, Symantec has enabled administrators “to more easily recover individual files or folders,” through the use of a snapshot based recovery model.

“Customers want choice in how they manage their backup environment, and Symantec is leading the transformation of the backup market with new appliances, cloud and enhanced software for Backup Exec,” Amit Walia, Vice President of product management, Symantec stated. “The future of backup will be defined by simplicity, flexibility, and allowing companies to deploy a modern infrastructure that best fits their needs.”

Symantec’s Backup Exec 2010 R3 is also launched on the same day and it also promises to improve system performance in backup and deduplication environments. Further into the year, Symantec has plans of launching another product by the name of Backup, which will target small companies having offices in isolated locations. Furthermore, Symantec showed interest in initiating enhancements to the Symantec Enterprise by June 2011.

Symantec claimed that Backup Exec 2010 will offer SSL support between agent and server which will feature enhanced safety for customers who use WAN or private network for transmission purposes.

“We are excited about the opportunities available to us during a time of rapid growth in the cloud market,” Rowan Trollope, senior vice president at said, “Leveraging’s proven track record of delivering secure, cloud-based services for more than eleven years, we are positioned to lead the industry in a new generation of innovation.”


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