Microsoft Makes Enhancements in Volume Licensing For Cloud Computing

On Thursday, Microsoft declared to make adjustments to Microsoft Services Provider Licensing Agreement program at the Microsoft Hosting Summit in Bellevue, Washington.

Microsoft has launched fresh volume licensing program which will allow customers to easily transfer to cloud computing.

The plan is called license mobility and adjustments will offer clients with the flexibility to install application servers on facilities or to host them from service providers in the cloud.

Microsoft has decreased the prices and management costs for Windows Server in the MSPLA program by removing all contracted out SKUs for Windows Server beginning from July 1.

After July 1, the firm will eliminate workload limitations for ‘non-outsourced’ SKU thereby decreasing price and management costs for Windows Server in SPLA.

Microsoft stated that the company had planned to provide license mobility to assist clients to transfer to cloud without the need to purchase extra licenses such as Exchange Server, Lync Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server and Dynamic CRM.

The firm has also planned to launch fresh Core Infrastructure Suite which will comprise of Windows Server Datacenter, System Center Server Management Suite Datacenter and Forefront Endpoint Protection in the SPLA plan so as to offer a reasonable solution to clients for licensing framework at data centers.

Microsoft spokesperson commented, the new licensing program “enhances business opportunities [for partners] by paving the way for qualified Microsoft customers to take advantage of cloud computing without having to bear the economic burden for products that they already own and have covered through Software Assurance.”


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