Microsoft Launches Fresh Azure Cloud Code at Mix 2011

At the Mix 2011 conference being held in Las Vegas, Microsoft, the software corporation has issued an update to Windows Azure software developers’ kit, allowing better functions for the transfer and control of applications and servers based on IIS to Microsoft’s PaaS cloud atmosphere. This was reported by The Register and originated from Microsoft itself.

As reported by The Register, Microsoft also declared a community technology screening of few fresh Azure codes: the Azure Traffic Manager – which is used to stabilize the performance of an application operating on Azure from unique locations; and a screening of a fresh service for streaming videos hosted on Azure to adjust according to different bandwidth demands.

Microsoft showcased the software at the same time as the virtualization software competitor VMware released its CloudFoundry PaaS atmosphere so as to offer hosting providers and other similar firms an open-source environment for running a service cloud platform which will function as a substitute to the PaaS cloud just like Azure.

Microsoft has already been trying to provide hosting firm partners with a way to transport the Azure platform from their data centers along with the Windows Azure Appliance.

The Register also states that Microsoft has prolonged the deadline for developers willing to sign up for the free trial of Windows Azure. The service comes with 750 hours of extra-small instances and 25 hours of small instances, 20 GB of space, 50K space for web transactions and 20GB of in and out data transfer. The deadline for developers has been extended to September 30 by Microsoft.

In February, Microsoft had also prolonged the deadline to June 31. The last day for Mix 2011 Conference is April 14th.


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