Microsoft Gives Sneak Peek Into Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 9 may have just come out last month but that’s not stopping Microsoft from already getting ready to bring Internet Explorer 10 to the market. At the 2011 MIX Conference held annually in Las Vegas, the company offered a preview of the newest edition of their web browser. However, only Windows 7 users can access the preview version.

The newest edition of Explorer focused upon improving HTML5, cloud support and improved browsing speed. The 10th version is also expected to have improved CSS3 which will enable the browser to load pictures at a higher speed.

No official release dates have been announced or set yet by the company, it is expected that Internet Explorer 10 will be made available around early 2012.According to the company’s Vice President, Dean Hachamovitch, the 10th version will challenge the limits of what developers are capable of doing on the Web even further.

Ultimately, Microsoft seeks to regain some standing ground against other highly popular web browsers like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. This is the primary reason behind the company’s regular releases of its web browser.

Internet Explorer 10 can be previewed here:

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