Microsoft’s New Innovation Gizmox Cloudmove Solution via Windows Azure Marketplace

In an announcement made by Gizmox (, famous for developing cloud platform, they declared that Gizmox’s visual webgui instant cloudmove solution would now be accessible through the windows Azure marketplace.

The rationale behind this move as explained in the press release is that Gizmox’s has opted for the quickest path by selecting windows Azure to make its services of client and server applications available on cloud.

According to Gizmox, its product VWG allows “auto-transposition of application code that runs locally as a client/server application into an application that runs natively on Windows Azure.” This splendid and rich application is available through a “secure by design mode” using any browser or mobile device.

The press release further says that Instant CloudMove is capable of fully accommodating an upgrade from several technologies like Cobol, Power Builder, Visual Basic 6, Oracle Forms, Magic, and embed them into applications that run intrinsically on Windows Azure platform.

Aashish Dhamdhere, who serves as senior product marketing manager for windows Azure at Microsoft declared “Microsoft is excited to feature Gizmox’s Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove in the Windows Azure Marketplace, through VWG, customers can easily migrate applications to Windows Azure with minimal cost and disruption.”

According to Microsoft Gizmox is a chief collaborator in its Building Blocks Initiative, which is a plan to facilitate customers to transition smoothly onto Windows Azure.

“We are delighted that Microsoft is featuring our technology in the Windows Azure Marketplace,” Navot Peled, President of Gizmox said in a statement. “Instant CloudMove is the native .NET to Web/cloud application move solution that addresses the tens of billions of client/server lines of code in the enterprises – particularly Visual Basic 6 and .NET, and offers the shortest path to Windows Azure. It also offers the shortest path from legacy systems such as COBOL, Oracle Forms, Power Builder and others to Windows Azure. The joint offering also includes special pricing to encourage enterprises to move to the cloud. We offer attractive proof of concept programs that lets enterprises build their confidence with Visual WebGui and Windows Azure.  Other alternatives such as desktop and application virtualization are very restrictive in terms of scalability, security and accessibility. Offering the VWG solution in the Windows Azure Marketplace will ensure that those enterprises wishing to migrate to the cloud can enjoy all the benefits that our solution offers.”


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