Managed Hosting As Part Of Dedicate Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a cloud hosting environment where one server is designated to one client only. The client is able to access server features and control server performance as if it is operating within his home or office. The client just has to pay for the service while the hosting provider makes available all other major things like a server machine, software, the choice of operating system according to customer requirements, and a stable connection that should run 24/7. Server uptime should also be guaranteed to be 99.9% to make sure the performance is worth the client’s money.

The dedicated hosting arena is mostly feasible to those web developers who run several businesses at the same time or those webmasters who run multiple websites and want to have total control of each. Other requirements for websites include high bandwidth to cater to large traffic, disk space and ofcourse privacy in case monetary transactions are being made on the websites.

With dedicated hosting you can install complex applications on your website without destabilizing the server. This is again a better option for websites with e-commerce shopping tools. Closely related to this is the security factor for online dealings. In dedicated hosting only the client and the service provider have access to the server so your data is safe.

Dedicated hosting is divided into 2 categories- Managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. Here we will discuss the first one.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Your server hardware and technicalities will be monitored wisely by the hosting provider. This includes network connection, bandwidth, storage space, and troubleshooting and customer service. Although this type of all-round deal is more expensive than shared hosting you still have the solace of knowing that there will always be a cushion for your website in hard times. Since the server is all yours so you should expect optimal performance. The hardware will be reliable as it won’t be shared by any other client. Your programming applications and customizations will be dedicated and managed according to your requirements.

When you get so much stuff and someone else is managing it on your behalf the price is going to take a hike as well. It’s up to you if you go for managed hosting or not. In case hiring IT experts take away more of your budget and you have to put your monetary resources to better use for your business then managed hosting is a viable option.

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