Maas Global and Layered Technologies Joining Hands

World renowned compliant hosting firm, Layered Technologies, is joining hands with one of the most prominent financial transaction processing firms, Maas Global Solutions. The partnership will enable Maas Global to utilize Layered Tech’s technologically superior infrastructure for its Payment site, Global payment Gateway.

“Layered Tech’s expert and structured approach to managed hosting is imperative to our day-to-day tactical needs as well as our strategic, PCI and HIPAA compliance needs,” said Troy Maas, CEO at Maas Global.  “As we fulfill our vision of providing transaction-based value to enterprises around the world, Maas Global counts on the support and expertise of Layered Tech to ensure we maintain a robust, flexible and reliable platform that enables our customers in various vertical markets to conduct business efficiently and securely.”

Because of Layered Tech’s global presence, Maas Global is considering it a strategic partner in its global expansion. This means that Layered Tech will provide infrastructure in North and South America and also in the Middle East. This partnership enables Maas Global to shift focus to its core competencies of providing PCI- and HIPAA-compliant services.

“We have a truly unique solution that, when coupled with our PCI expertise and ability to remotely provide compliant hosting, really enables our customers to do what they do best – focus on their core business so they can deliver even more value to their customers,” said Layered Technology President at Brad Hokamp. “Maas Global is a perfect example of the strategic relationships we have with customers.  Layered Tech’s global presence, flexibility and PCI compliance proficiency prove to be key differentiators for us as we continue to support our customers’ needs and business growth, whether that’s in the U.S. or globally.”

Maas Global Solutions Corporation

MGS deals in transaction processing technology and owns versatile data centers that are PCI DSS Level I, SAS 70 and HIPAA certified. MGS has thousands of small and medium enterprises, retailers on its client list and boasts a 99.99% uptime. Its infrastructure is so well designed and implemented that it can further add thousands more to its client base and will still maintain same efficiency.

Layered Technologies

Layered technologies is also a versatile company with compliant hosting, dedicated as well as cloud or virtual hosting services at its rostrum. It, further, provides nonstop industry leading service to its clients, thus, not only saving their capital investment but also trims major operative costs from their accounts. Because of these services, its clients focus only on its core capabilities and leave technological infrastructure and handling to Layered Tech. More information can be obtained through the given link,

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